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The Rough and Tumble of Parenting

Parenthood is a demanding job. The responsibility of a mother is to bring up a child and take him/her under her wing, emotionally and physically, so that the child becomes a fully grown adult and is responsible for his/her actions. A mother’s calling in life is to nurture and support her child in every way possible, while making sure they have a rewarding career of their own.

The term “parenthood” is actually a misnomer, as there is no single phase of being a parent where you become a full-fledged parent. Parenthood is a lifelong commitment that includes all phases of child rearing. The ultimate goal of a mother is to raise a child who is completely reliant on others, and completely independent, while at the same time developing the moral qualities of self-discipline, respect, compassion, and empathy. Parenting takes a lot of patience, determination, perseverance, and willingness to succeed, which are characteristics that many people lack.

Parenting a child means taking into consideration your children’s age, their stage of development, their natural talents of nature, their environment, and your own responsibilities. Your attitude towards your child determines his/her future. You must always think of the good of your child and be happy with the child as he/she is. If your child is not happy, you will find yourself unhappy as well. You must remember that it’s not your fault if your child is unhappy, but rather the circumstances around you that make your parenting situation difficult.

It takes years to become a parent, even if you expect a short and successful relationship with your child. This may cause difficulties in the early stages of your relationship. The first few years of raising a child are most crucial, since they determine how he/she will turn out. The child may not show a great interest in you and vice versa. If this continues for too long, you may begin to feel frustrated and withdraw from your relationship, or worse yet, take steps to separate.

When a child starts kindergarten, the relationship between parents and child starts to improve. However, it does not stop there. When your child gets older, he/she has to face the challenges of adolescence and the responsibilities of responsibility for their own future. This period of life is the hardest period of parenthood.

Raising a child requires that both parents are involved at all times, so that both parents know what’s happening. In the early stages of raising a child, one parent needs to stay with the child as much as possible to help them through the day to day tasks. One parent also needs to have to support the other parent physically as well. Although parents do get along better with each other, it still takes work and persistence to overcome the differences that come up in the relationship.

Most of the difficult period of parenthood is in the teenage years, as the teenager grows up and has to face many issues like getting along with friends, relationships with peers and even in his/her career. A parent has to take on more responsibilities than before, because there is more pressure placed on them, leading to more work for both parents.

The most difficult period of parenting comes when a young woman gets pregnant. Pregnancy is a very stressful period in a mother’s life. Pregnancy is usually followed by the birth of a child. This is a stressful period of parenthood, as the woman carries a large burden of responsibility for both parents. The mother must be responsible for the health of the newborn child, for the upbringing and all aspects of raising the child, and most importantly, for the child’s welfare.

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