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Epic Times Teachers Hilariously Trolled Their Students

Teaching Children About Education at Epoch Times

“Epoch Times teachers are more than teachers. They’re role models. They’re role models are leaders, and leaders have the ability to inspire others to follow their lead.”

“We found that many kids love to participate in epic times. They don’t get bored because the teacher will always be teaching something new. The teacher is constantly changing the lesson, bringing something new to students, and making them want to learn more. Children love it!”

“If your kid enjoys reading and writing, then read aloud at epic times. It’s a great way for kids to learn to listen and speak at the same time.” “We found that when they were reading to us that they didn’t have to spell anything out, because they were listening and speaking at the same time. When they spoke, they were using the word they heard to form sentences. They were speaking words and listening for words that come later. That’s how learning works.”

“At epic times, they get to practice talking about stuff they find interesting. They can talk about animals, cars, computers, and all other kinds of topics. This is great practice because they’ll have fun with talking about these topics, and when they’re done, they’ll know a lot more about it than what they learned in school.”

“They can talk about cars, dogs, airplanes, and all other types of things. This gives children a chance to learn about the world they live in, so they’ll see their place in it.” “When you have children like ours that love to read and write, reading and writing become part of their lives.

“Hilariously, some students were reading aloud when their teacher was talking. It was awesome for them because they could hear everything their teacher said, but they still got the information. Some of the kids talked about things that they were interested in – and they knew they had to be really careful not to say something that sounded stupid.

“The lessons at epic times also included a lot of fun games that were geared towards creativity. Kids got to put their knowledge to work by creating their own stories, games, and songs. They were able to get creative and have fun. We had a few kids that went to a class and did really well and were really proud of themselves.”

“One of our kids was even able to turn her teacher into a character from a movie! She was a little girl, and she made her teacher say stuff like “Woof!” and “Mama!” ! She loved it!

The great thing about this is that the kids got to practice what they learned. They were allowed to read, write, and speak and think for a while. They were given time to build their confidence and have fun. In fact, at times they seemed more excited than anything else.

“Teachers were sometimes funny to us. They didn’t yell at kids or use profanity. But they would use humor, sarcasm, and other little tricks. They’d give kids ideas and give them tips.

Teachers were not just there to tell kids what they should do. They told kids why they were doing it, too. They gave kids ways to keep their minds sharp – and encouraged their minds to come up with new things.

“One kid came up with a really good idea for a teacher. When the teacher told him to say ‘A’, he told her he had an idea for a lesson plan for how to help children learn to read.

Those are just a few of the great things we got to do together. Teachers were always happy to see us, and the kids were never too embarrassed to ask questions.”

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