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BTS's RM Reportedly Donated 100 Million Won To A Music School

BTS’s Rr Reportedly Donated 100 Million Won To A Music School For Deaf Students

It seems that BTS’s RM reported that he donated 100 million won to a music school for deaf students. RM is a well-known music star in Korea and in China, but he has never gone to school himself and he was not able to attend the prestigious Seoul National University of Education and Science. In fact, his mother had been a teacher and RM was sent to Seoul from China when he was three years old and his father was an actor.

In fact, the music school that BTS was reported to have donated to had actually been founded by his idol who had recently passed away. They were also a major musical group in China that had their own fan base. Now this music school will be benefiting greatly from BTS’s donation, as it is one of the few institutions of higher education in China that can afford to continue their existence after the government shut down all of the other universities and colleges there. BTS and his family have made the decision to make it a public benefit.

BTS is not the only musician or star to donate to this school and it does not take that much to put a grant into the right hands. A little research on the internet and a quick call to the school and they should be able to give you a full statement regarding BTS’s donation and how much money it is going to be able to help them. They will also be able to tell you about all of the students they will be able to help.

If BTS had been a student at the school he would most likely be attending now BTS is still studying in America. His parents were able to come to America with him, because his father’s job gave him a good enough allowance to get them to Seoul. BTS will be spending one year in Seoul to further his education as it is the only way that the school is expected to survive. The school has a very small amount of money so they are expecting a large amount of donations to be brought in so that they can continue to provide all of the needs of their students.

If you have ever thought about sending your children to a music school for the deaf then you have a lot to think about as this program has been around since the 1970 and they have a very dedicated and loving and dedicated staff. They have a lot to offer to their students and their community.

Some of the other music schools out there may have a very small amount of staff but they are more likely to only care about the student’s needs and what they need rather than the wants of the school itself. The people at the music schools really want to help their students to succeed and make them realize that they do have a purpose in life and that they need to have goals set for them to reach.

BTS is one of the very few stars out there who has shown that he is willing to make a difference and donate 100 million won to a music school for deaf students and the people of the city of Seoul. It does not matter whether he lives or goes to school at the same institution. It is a wonderful gesture that he made in order to help others who suffer from this condition.

With the music industry is changing quickly these days, he will be able to show that he is a leader by donating to an organization like this. And it is just another step forward for BTS to use their voice to help people and it is an amazing time to be a fan.

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