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Pro-Life Students Arrested For Writing Black Preborn

Pro-Life Students Arrested at Protest

A few weeks ago, Pro-Life Students arrested for writing Black Lives Matter on campus. The arrest was on the campus of the University of Missouri at Columbia, where black students were trying to demand justice for Michael Brown. The protesters were met by a group of pro-life students who began to yell “Go home!” This was a direct reference to the Black Lives Matter movement, which is an issue in the black community and is also being raised in the white community as well.

There are now many arrests for what they did, and they have been linked to the Michael Brown shooting. They were accused of interfering with the student’s free speech. They were also accused of trying to take away someone’s First Amendment rights.

It’s important to remember these same students arrested a few months ago when there was an anti-war rally in front of the U.S. Capitol. The pro-choice crowd came out, attacked the pro-life protesters, and shut them down. A few days before that attack, they were involved in violence at a pro-life march and several were arrested.

While there is no doubt that the pro-life students who disrupted the protest were wrong, it’s important to remember that they have every right to their own opinions. There are other issues on which we disagree, but we need to keep the peaceful aspect in mind and not use other people’s disagreements as a way to attack.

Pro-choice advocates and supporters don’t hold this view in the least bit, and the only reason that some of them will agree to disagree with someone else is because it’s more convenient for them. That’s why they have their “safe” zones, and why they have a right to protest.

Of course, we have freedom of speech, and that includes our right to express it. It’s important to remember that the world we live in is filled with people who hate free speech. But we need to exercise it and we need to do so peacefully.

The pro-life students are in the spotlight now, and people have a lot of misconceptions about what occurred, and what they think they were trying to accomplish. It was clear at the time, and it’s still clear. That they were trying to draw attention to Michael Brown’s murder in an effort to save their own hides.

But they were wrong to do it, and they need to be held accountable for their actions. That’s what makes a good society, and a good nation. And we can see this from the example that was set when pro-life students were arrested for doing the same things that the Black Lives Matter group was doing. And it shows why it’s so important for everyone to stand up for the pro-life side and speak out for their freedom.

If it were any different, the same people who were chanting about how Michael Brown deserved to die would be screaming in the streets about the murder of a pregnant woman. In fact, it may be true.

Now, it’s true that the pro-life students were wrong, but it was also true that they were engaging in free speech. They were exercising their right to speak their minds.

And yet, when pro-lifers say that they’re wrong and that they have a right to their views, people can only laugh, think about it or ignore them. When these students were arrested for engaging in such activities, they were simply exercising their right to say what they wanted to say. – to express their own views.

The only thing that was really going on was a clash of civilizations, and that is exactly what many pro-life groups believe. And that’s the way that I think this should be.

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